The Song Recital

Art song is one of classical music’s most intimate art forms: voice and piano working together to relay meaning through poetry, melody, and harmony. Unlike opera, the singer is alone without sets or costumes, partners only with the characters evoked by the piano, and uses the beauty of language to set an atmosphere and reflect to us valuable aspects of our humanity.

This form of singing was first explored in venues where the greatest minds of science, literature, philosophy, and the arts could gather, collaborate, workshop ideas, eat, drink, and spark new ventures and communities together. From these small gatherings, art song made its way onto recital halls and stages around the globe.

As it evolved through each new artist and composer, art song took on a greater multitude of emotions, perspectives, and experiences. With just two collaborative, robust instruments, it became a way to mold the vision of one's country and to share the poetry, language, and prosody of one's culture.

Art song provides us an opportunity to slow down, listen, and reflect. It shows us the beauty of different perspectives, ways of life, and cultures. It creates for us a space to feel connected to ourselves, our communities, and one another. We could all benefit greatly from the potential of song.

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