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A Charitable Seminar


Interpersonal Skills in Art

3340 recital series, orange county opera, laguna beach live
3340 recital series, orange county opera, laguna beach live

Culture & communication through music & opera

Beyond Hearing™ is an immersive, culture-building seminar that blends important concepts of communication with music and art. Opera, language, and the tone of human voice cultivate the skill of empathy, and as such, they provide insight into the human condition. Through listening and feeling, this seminar approaches interpersonal skills in a way that empowers the workforce to better convey humanity in their workplaces. 

Featuring artists from the rosters of leading opera houses including:

3340 Recital Series, The Met Opera
3340 recital series, opera laguna, deanna breiwick, orange county opera, lyric opera of orange county, laguna beach live
3340 recital series, opera laguna, deanna breiwick, orange county opera, lyric opera of orange county, laguna beach live
3340 recital series, opera laguna, deanna breiwick, orange county opera, lyric opera of orange county, laguna beach live


  • What is the cost of the fellowship? Are there scholarships available?
    3340 Recital Series Fellowship Program is tuition-free. Those accepted will be responsible for covering the cost of their travel, housing, and meals. The city of Laguna Beach provides free public transportation and there are many affordable housing options close to the venue space. In general, accepted fellows should expect to spend an average of $1,000-$1,500. Students will be notified upon acceptance of any available scholarships.
  • What are the fellowship dates and details?
    Our 2023 Fellowship will take place Wednesday, January 4th and end Sunday, January 8th in Laguna Beach, California. Singers are asked to book their own housing for the duration of the program. Upon acceptance, we will provide a list of recommended hotels and will connect you with other fellows in search of roommates. There is free transportation provided within the city of Laguna Beach. Please refer to our program itinerary below for more details: Check In: Wednesday, January 4th Thursday, January 5th: Education & Coachings Friday, January 6th: Education & Coachings Saturday, January 7th: Recitals & Recordings Sunday, January 8th: Recitals & Recordings Check Out: Monday, January 9th Should some fellows request an early departure, we can work to accommodate this request and schedule their recital/recording on Saturday, January 7th rather than Sunday the 8th.
  • What is the educational outline and the topics being taught?
    The education portion of this intensive will take place each morning from 8:00am-12:00pm. This component of the intensive is group-oriented and blends together lecture and practice. Topics being taught include: Posture & Pressure: Exploring the dynamic relationship between respiration and alignment, and how this relates to healthy phonation. Core Concepts & Injury Prevention: How to maintain structural integrity as a singing athlete, and approach physical health through a lens of injury prevention and athletic performance. Tension & Technique: Learn how tension translates productively into vocal health and technique, alongside exploring concepts for adapting biological tissue to improve vocal efficacy and better manage the singing instrument. Each portion of the educational content includes Q&A, group discussion, and embodiment practice.
  • What are the one-on-one offerings?
    This fellowship offers two 45-minute one-on-one coachings. The first coaching is devoted to repertoire preparation and exploration with our pianist, Cheryl Lin Fielding, to polish and tidy pieces being presented for recital. The other is a somatic repertoire coaching where we take this polished material (technique, expression, posture, breath support, etc) and explore strategies for how to engage with familiar repertoire in nuanced and novel body-based approaches.
  • What are the recording and recital details?
    Professional development is a part of our charitable services, and with this we identified the need for both live performance opportunities and high quality video recordings. Accepted fellows will present no more than 12-minutes of music to be recorded in front of a live audience. Our fellows maintain full creative control as to what they record for their professional needs. These can be arias, art songs, musical theatre, etc. These recordings will feature two 5k camera angles and high quality audio. On average, this quality of recording would cost a single singer anywhere between $700-$1,200 dollars.
  • Who should apply?
    The 3340 Fellowship is designed for established and emerging artists of high caliber and performance level. Given the intensive nature of the program, singers need to be able to present recital and recording ready repertoire. If you feel you meet this criteria, we encourage you to apply.
  • What repertoire should I submit?
    This intensive is not about presenting or coaching new pieces. Please submit repertoire that best benefits your professional development and career goals, and is also performance and recording ready. The practices and education of this intensive is meant to bolster, improve, and provide new perspectives of this well-rehearsed material. Song set selections should be kept under 12-minutes in length. The pieces of music presented are left to the fellow's discretion. Arias, art songs, musical theatre, etc would all be appropriate repertoire to submit.
  • When is the application deadline and how soon after will I be notified of acceptance?
    The application deadline is Friday, November 4th, 2022. Applicants will be notified of their application status no later than Friday, November 11th, 2022.
  • What does "somatic" mean?
    Somatics comes from the Greek word Soma, which means "body." There are many practices that focus on somatics - Alexander Technique, Feldenkreis, Mind-Body Centering, yoga, etc. One could even argue that the act of singing is one of the greatest somatic feats! Somatics, though body-centric, shows us that our body and mind cannot be fully disentangled and anatomized. When our work focuses on somatics, we practice removing the aspect of thinking, analyzing, and making decisions and instead make a space to be aware and just notice what we are feeling. It is within this space of noticing, void of need for reaction or "doing", we can more clearly identify the patterns, behaviors, and reflexes we've adapted in response to what we've felt during our lived experiences. These somatic-based behaviors, patterns, emotions, reflexes, and so on directly affect how we feel, move, and integrate into our world and our becoming. Some of our self-observations in this space might be more obvious than others (i.e. I notice that when I'm stressed after work I want to order a pizza). Other observations might be more illogical and vague (i.e. I have prepared my music to the best of my ability and am excited to sing it, yet I notice I continue to have overwhelming anxiety and stage fright when I get in front of a large group of people.) Logical or illogical, every feeling your body creates serves an important and meaningful purpose. Learning how to self-regulate and make productive the cyclical nature of what we feel and what we think is a common goal of somatic practice. Noticing and identifying as safely as we can with our feelings, rather than noticing and identifying with what our mind thinks in response to these feelings, is a space where we can start to see and work with ourselves more clearly. Somatic practices create a more fortified union between our thoughts and feelings, feelings and thoughts. When we are able to find our serenity within this ongoing back-and-forth relationship we foster an opportunity for healing and being in the present moment. Somatic practice and art directly benefit one another.
3340 recital series, orange county opera, laguna beach live, jay colwell

Presented by:

3340 recital series, orange county opera, laguna beach live, jay colwell

Jay Colwell

An entrepreneur at heart, Jay Colwell has enjoyed a novel career full of creativity and variety. As a certified coach and speaker, he has worked with leadership from Fortune 500 companies with an emphasis on high performance executive coaching, burnout and stress-management. He has provided these professional services to talent from various sectors including physicians and attorneys, as well as individuals from corporations including Amazon, Cisco, Seek Thermal, The Superior Court of Orange County, Everett Dorey, Coast Radiology, Valley Children’s Hospital, and others.

In his private practice, Jay has served music and the classical singing industry life-long. He has coached Grammy award-winning and nominated artists, and his studio maintains a roster of artists from the world's leading opera houses including The Metropolitan Opera, LA Opera, Bayerische Opera, The Royal Opera House, San Francisco Opera, and others. He holds degrees in Vocal Performance and national recognized certifications in various therapeutic somatic modalities.

Jay is the Founder and Artistic Director of 3340 Recital Series, a charitable organization headquartered in Laguna Beach, California. Credited for its innovative and forward-thinking approach, the 3340 Recital Series brings world-class opera to underexposed communities through unique partnerships, collaborations, private events, and hand curated recitals.

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